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Thule T2 Pro XT Bike Rack - Perfect Fit For Subaru Crosstrek

Thule T2 Pro XT Bike Rack - Perfect Fit For Subaru Crosstrek

When we invested in a couple of new mountain bikes to get into a new activity, we also needed to invest in a bike rack to haul them around. We had a bike rack at the time, but it wouldn’t adjust to hold these new mountain bikes as securely as we’d like. We also have road bikes, so we needed something that could adjust to those skinny tires and the fatter mountain bike tires.

We spent a good amount of time researching our options, and really tried to learn about the features and what we would really need. These things come with a hefty price tag, so we really wanted to make sure we were making the right choice.

After a lot of research, we had actually decided on a smaller, slightly less expensive bike rack. Unfortunately, that other bike rack came with some assembly issues (missing screw holes), so we returned it (thanks REI!!), and ended up in this very nice Thule T2 Pro.

We realized we were investing in a heavier bike rack, but our first impression was that the box was really very heavy. It took both of us to get it in the car, and to get it into the house. But, the assembly was surprisingly easy, taking only about 30 minutes.

Our first adventure with this bike rack was really going to be a test, in our opinion. We loaded up our Subaru, including the bikes, and hit the road. We had about a four hour drive north, to the Alabama Hills area. This includes a wonderful drive along the 14 and 395 freeways, which can be so very windy. Many times, the 395 is closed to trailers or loads, because it gets truly windy and pushes a vehicle all over the place. There is no reason the bike rack, or the secured bikes, should go anywhere, but I was genuinely concerned that they would just blow away like some kind of cartoon.

To our great pleasure, this bike rack proved worth it’s literal weight and it’s hefty price tag on that first trip. We drove through incredibly gusty wind, and the bikes hardly moved. We drove on dirt roads, very uneven and bumpy, and the bikes hardly moved. We even manged to totally hit the ground with the bike rack, while driving through a dip, and the little shield that Thule added on saved our entire rack and possibly the bikes. The rack hit the ground, with a horrible sound, but came out completely unscathed due to a little extra piece of steel. After that bump and over 500 miles on that first trip, we knew we had made a good investment.

The rack also locks on the hitch, so no additional locks need to be purchased. It includes two cable locks to secure the bikes, which we felt were secure enough to leave the bikes locked on at our campsite overnight. We wouldn’t call them high security, but they work if you need to leave the bikes for a little bit of time. If going to eat or shop for any length of time, we add an extra sturdy lock to the bikes. The rack and the two locking cables share a key. The cable locks hide back in the long arms when not in use, so they are completely out of the way.

One of the best features of this rack is the tilting mechanism. There is an easy to use handle at the very rear, which allows for tilting the entire rack down for access into the rear hatch of an SUV. This is great for getting access to gear stored in the rear of the car. The handle is so easy, it can be lifted and lowered with one hand.

Installing the bikes is very easy. Lift them on to the base, pull the arm closer to lock the front tire, then secure the rear tire with the small ratchet straps. These straps don’t seem super durable, but they work just fine. One tip - don’t over tighten these, or it’ll be a heck of a time getting it to let go when you want to take you bike off. The ratchets allow for quick tightening, but can easily over-tighten and make it difficult to release.

The rack folds upright when not loaded, and sits nicely on the back of the car. We hear a little extra noise on bumps when it’s empty, but that is to be expected with the rack unloaded.

The rack weighs a hefty 52 pounds, which can make maneuvering it in a garage somewhat tricky. But, that weight makes this thing sit still on the car. Compared to our much lower quality previous bike rack, this thing is a beast. It doesn’t wiggle. Sometimes it gets a little bounce, depending on the terrain, but it’s a very secure and stable rack.

Here are some quick details on the Thule T2 Pro XT Bike Rack:

  • The wheel holders fit road, wide, or fat tire bikes with side-to-side adjustments

  • The rack installs easily by sliding into the hitch, with a safety pin on the side, and then a tool-free locking knob - it just requires tightening down, then locking, and it’s ready to go

  • Includes an integrated cable lock

  • Two arms ratchet into place to lock down the wheel, and tip freely to adjust as needed for the ideal fit to a bike

  • Carries two bikes at a max weight of 60 pounds per bike

This rack has been in steady use for over 6 months now and we have yet to run into any issues. It’s heavier than I wanted, so really had to win my vote, but it has. The more we use it, the more we like it. It deserves the Pro name it carries. And it looks really nice on our Subaru, too!

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