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The Softest Socks - Bear Feet Co. Socks

The Softest Socks - Bear Feet Co. Socks

We love socks - especially good quality, warm, and comfy ones! I (Andrea) have a slight obsession with colorful, fun, patterned socks. But I also appreciate a high quality sock for a long hike. We noticed Bear Feet Sock Co. on Instagram a couple of months back, and took notice at what looked to be a great new sock to try out!

We reached out to the company, and were so happy to hear back from Christian, the guy behind the socks! He let us pick a pair each, and we eagerly waited for the socks to arrive. We would not be disappointed!

If you look into the company at all, you’ll quickly notice that the idea behind the whole brand was to create a sock that would be a great hiking and outdoor adventure sock, but also one that was comfortable and nice enough to stroll into the office! Bear Feet was successful on both points!

We love the softness of the socks - truly some of the softest socks we’ve had, especially in the wool category. They are perfectly thick for warmth and padding, but also thin enough to wear with normal shoes, not just hiking boots. They say they want to be “hybrid hiking socks” - lightweight and not itchy for everyday use, but also strong enough for the trail and beyond. That’s a great way to describe them!

I wore these on a recent camping trip, and honestly, they were so comfy, I didn’t want to change my socks. We were camping in the desert, so it was pretty chilly overnight and I needed some warm socks to keep my toes warm. The next day, the sun came and started to warm things up dramatically. Despite being warm, I kept the socks on most of the day, and didn’t really notice my feet being hot at all! These socks are great for just about any environment, from what I can tell!

The style is great - we got the white/blue (which is more grey/blue) and the red/black (which is more orange/brown and features a lovely “Bear Feet” stitched in on the toes). The sizing is pretty straightforward, kind of “one size fits all”, and we had no trouble with them fitting.

From Bear Feet Co’s website - referring to the Merino Wool Socks:

  • 86% Extra-Fine Merino Wool, 10% Polyester, 3% Nylon,1% Spandex

  • Breathable mesh with arch support

  • Made with Australian extra-fine Merino wool, which naturally repels bacteria - odor free. 

  • Full cushion support with reinforced heel and toe

  • Stitch by Stitch toe closing, extra-fine wool fibers for softness & comfort

  • Unisex / One size fits most. 

  • Blister-free for hiking and walking


They really are perfect for almost anything. We’ve worn them out on long and short hikes, in warm and cool temperatures. They are great for camping and keeping the toes cozy in a sleeping bag overnight. They are also great for wearing in a chilly office at work, and for a cozy night of lounging at home!

If you haven’t heard of them, take a look! While we tried, and loved the merino wool socks, they also have “Everyday Socks” and “Polar Bear Socks” which we intend to add to our sock collection!

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