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The Softest Socks - Bear Feet Co. Socks

Bear Feet Co socks are some of the softest socks we’ve ever worn! We tried out the merino wool socks, and have loved them! They are truly so soft, but still warm and dry as merino wool should be, and are perfect for hitting the hiking trail in boots, for lounging around at home, or for a day in the office!

The All-In-One Utensil - Morsel Spork

Morsel Spork is a fantastic multi-use camping, backpacking, and travel utensil. It is lightweight, dishwasher safe, great for freeze dried food bag meals, but also stirring, cutting, scraping and just plain enjoying your food away from home.

Clean Water Anywhere - Lifestraw

When you spend a good amount of time traveling or camping, having clean and good tasting water can often be a difficult task. If you aren’t familiar with Lifestraw, take some time to look into them and what they offer. We love the filters and having clean water, anywhere we go. It’s fun to dip a bottle into a river, and take a drink through that filter, too!