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Skratch Labs Hydration & Energy

Skratch Labs Hydration & Energy

We recently took up mountain biking and quickly realized just how quickly we could hit an energy wall, often, out in the middle of nowhere, with miles to go. It didn't take long for us to figure out we needed more water than we'd ever pack along for a hike. We also learned that having snacks was an important idea!

I have tried some "hydration" drinks in the past, and often found that the flavors were just not that good. Sometimes the powders don't dissolve, sometimes they just taste weird, and one time, the stuff gave me a bad headache. (I have migraines, and am sensitive to some food coloring and unnatural additives.)

Quite some time back, we received a Skratch Hydration Drink sample in a Cairn box, and I've just had it sitting in the cupboard waiting for a really sweaty adventure. The perfect chance to try this drink mix came on our third ride out. We covered almost 12 miles, with hills and creeks, and lots of breathless moments. At the end of the ride, I refilled my water bottle with some water in the car and mixed in this little packet of powder. I was not sure what to expect from this stuff, but I was so pleasantly surprised. It dissolved almost completely within just a couple of minutes, the flavor was just strong enough and great tasting. I knew I'd be getting more of this for future rides. 

Upon getting home, I looked up that Lemon + Lime product to see what it was all about. The powder mixes with water to create an electrolyte beverage, perfect for replenishing what is lost during a sweaty workout. Skratch products are made with real fruit, for real flavor, and it is easy to taste the difference. I feel confident drinking Skratch, knowing that it is real food, made into a product that can help my body recover during and after a hard ride. 

After realizing how much I like this product, I quickly requested to join their Ambassador crew and was thrilled to be accepted! I then placed a "sample" order, with a little bit of everything, so I could try it all out. Here are the items we've tried, and what we thought:

The drink mixes come in either a resealable bag or in single serving packs. The bag is great for mixing a drink at home and taking it with you, whether it's to the gym or trailhead. The single serve packs come in handy out on the trail, when you want to make a bottle of hydration drink without having to carry much along. I keep the packs in my backpack, ready to go!

Lemon & Lime
Bright and tangy, a very refreshing drink. This is my favorite of all the flavors.

Matcha Green Tea & Lemon (w/Caffeine)
This flavor is definitely more tea than citrus, so it's a gentle beverage, not too tangy. I like to mix a packet of Matcha with a packet of lemon-lime for a bit more flavor and a bit of a bigger drink to take along. The caffeine in this one is an extra little perk.

This is the most delicate flavor of the group. Kim likes this one the best, but I didn't really like it. A bit to bland for me, but still, a great flavor and very true to the strawberry title!

Vaguely reminiscent of Tang, except healthy? Another citrus flavor and I like it a lot. It's not as bright as the lemon-lime, but still quite refreshing.

Passion Fruit
My second favorite flavor. It's a fruity flavor, but still not too strong, and just right for being refreshing. It's also tasty when mixed with a little bit of lemon-lime! 

These are d e l i c i o u s. Like candy, but with a purpose! They are sugar coated gummies, with a big bang of fruity flavor. These are almost too good, I always want more - it is super easy to eat the entire bag in a matter of minutes.

The orange flavor is a little less tangy than the raspberry. It is just as fruity and delicious, though. You'll find me with either of these flavors on me on just about every ride. I love these treats.

Matcha Green Tea & Lemon
These are a little different. That matcha tea flavor stands out strong, with a little zip of lemon. I like these, just not as much as the other two flavors. These have that extra little kick of caffeine and matcha, so when I feel like I need a little more of a pick-me-up, I'll grab these.

Cherries & Pistachios
I should say, I'm not a fan of cherries and I mostly put up with pistachios. I did not expect to like this flavor, but this is one I thought Kim would enjoy. I also don't really like having bars on bike rides, because it's just too much to chew and I'm always thirsty afterward. These are great for hiking or other adventures, though. Kim did like the flavor, and I ended up having a couple of bites and enjoying it, too.

Chocolate Chips & Almonds
This flavor is way more up my alley. I love just about anything with chocolate. The almonds add a nutty flavor that balances just right with the chocolate. These bars have a very good consistency, and overall, are a great snack bar to pack along on just about any activity. There is a third flavor (Miso and Ginger), but we didn't try that one. 

We highly recommend these tasty drinks and snacks to just about anyone who wants to hit the trails, on foot or on wheels. It will taste good and you will recover more quickly! 

Let us know if you try these snacks out - what you think and how they helped! We'd love to hear your feedback, and what else you enjoy for trail snacks and drinks!

(This is an unsolicited review. We did not receive a product or compensation and we were not asked for feedback or promotion, although we are Skratch Ambassadors.)

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