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Our Picks From The REI Anniversary Sale!

Our Picks From The REI Anniversary Sale!

We all love gear. We love buying gear at REI. They have an abundance of great gear from great brands, an unbeatable return policy, and a $20 Membership (for life) with access to coupons, garage sales and the amazing Anniversary Sale!

We are huge fans of REI. After our first camping trip, where we slept on moving blankets in a $30 tent, we hit REI hard and essentially gave them all our money to get some good gear. We wanted to go camping again, but didn’t want to freeze or break our backs.

Since REI is having their huge Anniversary Sale right now, we thought we'd share some of our top picks for what to splurge on during the sale.

Biolite Energy - 25% Discount

  • I (Kim) got a Biolite Stove Bundle for my birthday last year, and I absolutely love it. The stove works great to boil water or make chili. We recently started using our grill attachment to cook burgers, too, and it does a great job grilling!

  • We have the Solar Panel and the Powerlite Bundle that we use to light up our campsite and charge camera batteries, phones etc.

  • If you are looking for an alternative to fuel canister cooking we highly recommend this. The solar powered lights are great to have at camp, but also come in handy around the house, or during power outages!

REI Co-op Flexlite Chair - $30 off

  • We love these chairs. They collapse really small, are very sturdy even at the beach in sand, and are lightweight enough we have carried them out on quick overnight backpacking trips when we want to be a little more comfy.

  • Here is our blog on these chairs.

REI Co-op Brand Sleeping Pads - 30% Discount

  • We bought the REI Co-op Trekker pads specifically to sleep in our Subaru Crosstrek. They are the perfect width to fit in the car and make for an incredibly cozy bed without taking up the space a small mattress would. They also don’t require a pump or much effort to inflate, so that also saves some space.

REI Co-op Trail Pack - 30% Discount

  • Andrea got this backpack to use mostly for traveling, and it has done it’s job very well. With a full U-shaped panel with double zippers, the open access is huge and allows access to the bottom of the bag without having to dig through everything you piled on top. It holds a surprising amount of stuff, and fits under an airplane seat, so it’s perfect for weekend trips and more. We reviewed this bag in blog here!

Oboz Sawtooth Hiking Footwear - 25% Discount

  • Andrea discovered these boots at our first REI garage sale and they ended up being one of the best sale purchases we’ve made. She wore them every time we went camping or hiking for almost years. That old pair was finally retired just last month, and after trying on a few other options, she ended up purchasing the exact same shoes.

  • These are great boots for day hikes, wearing around the campsite, and for those trips to cities that require a lot of walking. They are nicely designed so you don’t look out of place wearing boots in a city, but provide that extended comfort that a lot of walking requires. Here is a blog with more about them.

Vasque Footwear - 25% Discount

  • While the Oboz boots are great for day hikes in the desert, they aren't made for snow or rain. When we planned a trip to Yosemite Valley in February, a more rugged and weather ready boot was needed. Andrea got the Vasque St. Elias GTX hiking boots. They have been great boots that provide support, stability, traction, and keep the toes dry.

Smartwool Socks - 25% Discount

  • We love socks! All varieties, shapes, colors and thickness. If there's anything we tend to overpack on every trip, it would be socks. We like to crawl into our sleeping bags in clean socks. We like thin ones for hiking and thick ones for sitting around the campfire. While we have to admit Darn Tough are our favorite socks, we do have pair of Smart Wool socks that are the go to sleeping socks in cold weather.

Pearl Izumi Bike Clothing - 25% Discount

  • If you follow us on Instagram, you know we recently got into mountain biking. While we are definitely beginners, we like to have good gear regardless. We have gradually learned that there is other gear that helps on rides, more than just hitting the trail with a bike. Short with padding and gloves are the first couple of items we discovered.

  • Pearl Izumi has some great clothing and accessories. Andrea got the Elite Gel Bike Gloves and loves them.

Thule Bike Rack - 20% Discount

  • Going along with the bike clothing, we also needed to upgrade our bike rack to better fit our new mountain bikes. We really wanted to wait for the sale, or a coupon to get it, but we planned a trip and wanted to take our bikes with us. We chose the Thule T2 Pro XT 2-Bike Hitch Rack.

  • It connects easily and is very sturdy. It works well on our Subaru Crosstrek and safely transported our bikes to Alabama Hills. It handled very well on that 500+ mile round trip (including driving in some fierce crosswinds) and stood up to the dirt road driving needed to get to camp sites and trails.

Outdoor Research Sun Hat - 25% Discount

  • This is possibly one of the best things we’ve purchased at REI. We have a tent we love, boots we will keep purchasing over and over again, and fantastic bikes with a fancy bike rack. But this one small item has saved Andrea from having a sunburnt face, ears and neck every time we go outside. I tease her because it is a little bit dorky, but its worth it for the sun protection. This specific hat has mesh sides that help with ventilation and the drawstring works very well keeping it on the head when the wind picks up.

What We Are Buying

Oboz Sawtooth Hiking Footwear - 25% Discount

  • We listed these above in what we recommend and already own, but I'm taking our own advice. Andrea loves these boots and I need a new pair, so I'm going to get my own pair, expecting to love them as much as she does.

La Sportiva Trail Running Shoes - 20% Discount

  • I have recently gotten back into running, mostly around our sidewalks at home, but I really want to start trail running. We've been riding our mountain bikes on trails around us and I see people running these trails every time we're out. I'll check out these La Sportiva shoes, but will definitely be asking the experts at REI for recommendations.

Kryptonite Bike Lock - 25% Discount

  • We also ride road bikes and take them around our city - to work, the beach, Chipotle! We have a cheap bike lock that needs an upgrade. We only really lock our mountain bikes to the rack on the car, but if we needed to lock them elsewhere, we would want a much better lock - we're thinking a heavy duty Kryptonite lock.

Pearl Izumi Bike Clothing - 25% Discount

  • I mentioned the Pearl Izumi gloves above - Andrea bought these right after our first ride on our mountain bikes. I haven't gotten a pair yet, but I will now that they are on sale.

REI Co-op Lightweight Base Layer - 25% Discount

  • Spring has sprung here in Southern California and we are heading to the mountains for some adventures. Light weight layers are great for this time of year because the weather can vary between cloudy/cool and sunny/warm, and these layers are perfect for hiking and camping.

The REI Anniversary Sale is a great oppurtunity to save some cash on some great gear. REI promotes this sale as the biggest of the year, with big discounts on many products. There are also member coupons, if you are an existing member! The sale runs through May 28, 2018, so get to shopping!

Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase. We will only ever share honest, unbiased reviews. We are grateful for your support of our site in this way. Thank you.

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