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Our Top Ten Christmas Gift List

Our Top Ten Christmas Gift List

It's that time of year again - gift giving (and receiving) is on our minds and our inboxes are flooded with emails! Some from companies we love, some from companies we're not sure how we got signed up for their mailing list. Emails full of products that are on sale and, according to the sender, are THE gift to give this season. Some of these gifts may be just right, but the flood of advertising can get overwhelming.

We put a list together, not to promote or sell or push, but rather to just give some ideas. We have some gear that we love, and if you're looking for ideas, we thought we'd give you a few! These are all products that we own already, and love, and are sure would make great gifts! 

1. Cotopaxi Allpa


If you follow the brand Cotopaxi, you've definitely heard about this backpack. They released it on Kickstarter, and it was just recently added to their website. We've had our Allpas for a couple months and we really think they are a perfect travel pack. The Allpa is just a "do it all" travel bag. Perfect for a quick weekend trip, when you want to be mobile and not stuck with a rolling suitcase. Big enough to fill with a weeks worth of clothes and stuff, but still small enough to be a carry on. It's comfortable, too! Read more at our blog!

2. Biolite Campstove 2


I received a Biolite stove kit for my birthday this year. We also have a Jetboil, and a larger Coleman stove, but I really like the idea of clean fuel and the ability to have a small contained fire anywhere we camp. If you go all out, it can include lights and a solar panel to keep things charged. They even have battery packs to keep your electronics charged! 

Use this link to BioliteEnergy.com to get free shipping on your order (over $45)!

3. Aeropress


For a coffee lover, this is an inexpensive and perfect gift. This coffee maker is lightweight and great for camping or backpacking, but it also makes a darn good cup of coffee and can even push something very similar to a shot of espresso. All it require is some coffee, a little filter, and boiling water - no electricity required. And did I mention it makes a darn good cup of coffee? Something we can't live without...

4. Serac Hammock


After a looong time of wanting a hammock, we were surprised to receive one in a Cairn box this past summer. The Serac Hammock is awesome and high quality (link to our review). It has tree-friendly "tree-hugger" straps, is made of re-purposed materials, and is really just the best way to lounge in the great outdoors. Visit the Serac website to see their options!

5. Cairn Subscirption


We have been receiving Cairn boxes for a few years and are big fans of the gear we get introduced to, as well as big fans of the great company behind the box. Cairn put together some special collections that are perfect for gift-giving this year, or you can gift a regular subscription of 1, 3 or 6 months. This would be an awesome surprise for the outdoorsy person on your list! We wrote a blog recently about all the great gear we've discovered through this subscription box - take a look to see what you might be giving/getting!

6. Used Camera Gear from KEH Camera


Do you have a photographer on your list? KEH is an great place to buy used gear, or those vintage film cameras. They test and rate everything, so you know the quality and condition of what you are buying.

Get a new (or used) lens, introduce someone to film, or jump into medium format shooting! The Yashica Mat 124G in the picture above was purchased from them and it goes almost everywhere, because 120mm film cannot be beat. Their rating system is excellent, and we often get gear that is in better shape than the rating even indicates. They also offer warranties on their products, so it's a safe purchase! 

7. LuminAID


LuminAid makes several different kinds or lamps and lanterns. They are all solar powered, some have charging capabilities for other devices. They are all light-weight, collapsible, and perfect for hiking and camping. Also, great for an emergency kit. We've had our LuminAids since one of our first Cairn boxes, and are looking to buy a few more actually. They charge quickly, we've never had one die on us in the dark, and the company behind the product is constantly giving back to people in need (Puerto Rico, after the hurricane, for example). 

8. A Trip... or National Park Annual Pass


I honestly can't think of a better gift than a trip! Instead of gifts for our birthdays and anniversary, we always plan trips. We'd much rather spend our money on travelling or exploring somewhere. If you can't plan a trip for or with your gift recipient, a national park pass is great gift, too! It lasts all year and gets them into a long list of beautiful places! They are easy to find - visit an REI or any National Park, and they have them for purchase.

9. A Subaru


This may seem a little over the top, but we all know cars with big red bows make appearance at this time of the year! This year, make it a Subaru.

We are Subaru Ambassadors, so we love the company and the cars. We also love to give people goodies! If you are really looking into getting a Subaru, get in touch with us and we'll share the love!

10. Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Since not everyone on your list might need (or deserve) a big gift, here are some of our favorite smaller items that should fit nicely in most stockings!

Mug & Hat from Mountain Standard

The mugs are well designed Miir mugs, so great insulation for keeping your warm beverage warm! And a hat... can't go wrong with that!

Darn Tough Socks

Who doesn't love a ridiculously warm pair of socks that also look fantastic? I'd gladly take a stocking stuffed with these!


Osprey Ultralight Zip Organizer

The perfect organizer for a backpack while hiking, for a toiletry kit while travelling, or for a variety of other users. Lightweight, small, and so many pockets!


Cotopaxi Batac

This pack is a perfect day pack. A couple of pockets, bright colors, and a good size! We love Cotopaxi, and we love these packs.


Grandpa's Fire Grill by Light My Fire

If you have a campfire lover on your list, this is a cool little tool for cooking just about anything over an open fire. Smores, sandwiches, hotdogs - anything you can clip inside! 


Drinktanks Vessel

A great insulated cup, in some great colors, and with a lid! We use ours for camping, road trips, and every day at work!

11. (A Bonus!) A Printed Photograph

We are photographers and we would love to have you pick a photo that you love and get a printed version for your home or office. A printed photograph makes a wonderful gift and we'd love to get some headed your way. Most any photo on our website is available for printing!

Hopefully this list has given you some good ideas. We only listed things we love, so we feel pretty confident that your giftee will likely love the products too!

Let us know if you give or get anything on our list - we'd love to hear about it!

Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase. We will only ever share honest, unbiased reviews. We are grateful for your support of our site in this way. Thank you.

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