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New Mountain House Meals! Turkey Dinner & Breakfast Hash Review

New Mountain House Meals! Turkey Dinner & Breakfast Hash Review

We recently received a couple of pouches of food from Mountain House to try out. We've been enjoying Mountain House meals on our backpacking and camping adventures for a few years now, so we were really excited to give some new recipes a taste! We definitely have a few favorite meals that we stick to - the Lasagna meal is always our favorite. These freeze dried foods are a great way to have a quick, easy meal in the outdoors. They are perfect for those days full of hiking when you just want an easy, but good tasting meal when you get back to camp!

Mountain House sent us two pouches - a Homestyle Turkey Dinner Casserole and a Spicy Southwest Breakfast Hash. Let's start with what we had for dinner on our camping trip - I love a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, so I had high hopes for this pouch!

Upon opening the pouch, the smell made our stomachs start growling immediately. The seasoning was so fragrant! We followed the instructions as indicated on the pouch - boiled the measured amount of water, removed the oxygen absorber (which we almost always forget to remove), stirred in the boiling water, and then zipped the pouch and waited.

I'll confess - I tried to get a little creative with this meal. Upon noticing that there were "croutons" included as stuffing, I thought they might be better a bit crunchy. I didn't want them to turn to soggy mush. We pulled out most of the bigger bits and only added them for the last 4 minutes or so. I liked the extra little crunch and more denser stuffing, but Kim didn't prefer it, so we'll probably just follow the instructions in the future. 

Overall, the flavor was delicious - carrots, green beans, turkey, and stuffing. You could taste all of these ingredients individually, along with the great seasoning, but it wasn't so overpowering that the foods just blended together. This is a meal we would try again, and will probably take on every Thanksgiving camping trip in the future!

The next morning, we tried the Spicy Southwest Breakfast Hash. We've had the Breakfast Scramble before, and when we make that, we load up a couple of tortillas with the Scramble and have tasty burritos. We thought we would do the same with the Hash! We followed the same instructions - boiling water, stirred in, minus the absorber, and then we waited. While breakfast "cooks", we got busy making coffee and packing up our camp - it's amazing how much you can accomplish in 10 minutes! 


This Hash is potato based rather than egg based (unlike the Scramble), so it was a little different. It is a blend of shredded beef, hash browns, black beans, veggies and even some hot sauce! We enjoyed it and especially liked the slightly spicy aspect. It has a great flavor - a bit spicy, but not too much. We always have hot sauce with us, but didn't end up using it with this bag. This meal would be great just eaten out of the bag, but it was also good in the tortillas. I could also imagine scrambling some eggs and tossing them into the tortilla with this, for an extra little punch of protein. We love that we have a another option for breakfast, since we usually just have the Scramble or my other favorite Biscuits and Gravy... this will allow for a little variety in flavor!

The lightweight pouches are great for backpacking, but even still for car camping and road tripping, when you may want to keep the load light. The meal cooks right in the pouch, so you can eat dinner and only have a "dirty" spork to deal with for your hike out. When car camping, we tend to use bowls or plates, but in cold winter weather, the pouch makes a great hand warmer, while dinner is cooking, too!

If you haven't tried Mountain House yet, you are truly missing out. These pouches are great for taking outdoors, and for having an emergency stash of food at home, too. They provide great energy for a long hike!

We'd love to hear from you -
do you have some meals that you love from Mountain House?
What are your favorites?
And if you jump in and try it for the first time, let us know what you like!

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