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Joshua Tree Skin Care Products

Joshua Tree Skin Care Products

Everyone who knows us knows we love Joshua Tree - the park, the tree, everything about it. So when we saw “Joshua Tree Skin Care” products, we knew it had to be good stuff.

We were first introduced to this brand by our Cairn box. We got some great Camp Soap and some amazing lip balm (way back before we reviewed the Cairn boxes), that we’ve since bought several tubes of. Joshua Tree Skin Care offered us a few more products to review, and we were super excited to try it all out!

They sent us an amazing box of products, so we’ll list them out and let you know what we think!

After Sport Recovery Lotion with Arnica

JTree Life 06.jpg

This stuff is ahh-mazing. It smells great and it really works on tight, stiff muscles. This has so many uses, from a stiff neck after sleeping on the ground, to sore muscles after biking or hiking. The secret to this little tube seems to be three ingredients: Arnica Extract (anti-inflammatory), Eucalyptus Essential Oil (for cooling effect and natural antibacterial benefits), and Tea Tree Essential Oil (antibacterial and antiseptic benefits). It tingles, it cools, and then it just leaves an achy muscle feeling great!

Sunscreen SPF 30

This is a basic tube of sunscreen, with SPF 30 protection. It contains zinc, but goes on clear. We found this sunscreen to be effective after a day at the beach, but it was a little sticky on the skin for awhile. It is waterproof, has UVA and UVB protection, and features several organic oils and ingredients to promote soft, healthy skin. They have another sunscreen product which is “reef safe". If you spend time at the beach or in the ocean, consider the reef safe option to help our planet out!

Sun Stick SPF 50

This is a great item to keep in a pack while hiking. Sometimes the nose and face starts to just take on too much sun, and this is easily applied on the go, while providing SPF 50 protection! It goes on with a bit of white zinc color, but rubs in clear. It is super waterproof, so it won’t run into eyes! Great little item to carry along in a pack or pocket for almost any outdoor activity.

Healing Salves

JTree Life 19.jpg

Cycling Salve

This is a great smelling little bucket of wonder. It can prevent rashes and blisters before they begin, and can help heal scratches and scrapes from road rash. It doesn’t soften skin to avoid ruining well developed calluses, but still manages to moisturize and protect. It smells mostly like a eucalyptus and beeswax mix, and that is because they don’t include any other scents.

Hiking Salve

This was our favorite product in the box. We used this on sore feet after hiking several miles, and it soothed and softened our feet almost immediately. Another great smelling product, that really has a great list of uses. The brand boasts that this works wonders on bee stings, but we’ll take their word for it! We’ll keep it handy for dry skin, rashes, and tired feet after a day on the trail.

Lip Balms

We are big fans of the Mountain Mint lip balm. We got our first tubes in a Cairn box, and ever since, we stop at the Joshua Tree visitor center when we run out and grab another tube. The lip balm goes on smooth and smells great, but best of all, it has SPF 15 protection. Anyone who has ever hiked in the desert knows how quickly the sun and dryness can leaves lips cracked and dry… so this stuff is always in our pockets while hiking!

Joshua Tree lip balms are petroleum free and made from a blend of cocoa butter and beeswax, so they go on smooth and keeps lips soft.

The Mountain Mint flavor was our favorite, but also the only one we had ever tried. Andrea quickly claimed the Mojito flavor, which is a great mint and citrus blend, also with SPF. The Java Bean flavor is also pretty great (coffee!), but is a lip balm without SPF, so this one is now just going along to the office and being used for everyday lip health!

One more detail - the tubes for Joshua Tree lip balms are really cool shapes. A slim fit that fits well in pockets, with a lid that always stays on.

In summary, if you are in the market for great skin care products, made with organic and natural products, then definitely take a look at Joshua Tree Skin Care. We’ve been impressed with every product of theirs, and at this point, can almost always be found with at least one of their products in our backpacks.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to try out these products, which were provided to us free of charge.

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