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Eat Your Beer! - with Regrained Bars

Eat Your Beer! - with Regrained Bars

It is no secret that we love a good beer, and we also love this planet we call home. When we were first introduced to Regrained bars in a Cairn box from long ago (July 2017), we were very intrigued. The slogan of “eat beer” got our attention right away. We read the little blurb in our Cairn box newsletter and learned a little more about the bar, and it is really a cool idea that came into form! That first bar didn’t last long, and we really enjoyed it, but we never got around to ordering more from their website.

Fast forward to a year later, and we were offered a trial pack of their bars, and we were so excited to try out all of the flavors! They mailed us a goodie box with all of the flavors and we took them on a trip to Point Reyes. Over the course of a long and kind of tiring hike, we managed to enjoy all three flavors!

The Regrained bars are on the top of our list when it comes to flavor and texture. We can get a little picky sometimes with bars, but honestly, some bars are just not good. These Regrained bars are on the good list, and we already plan to restock our supply. They come in three flavors, and we have two favorites!

Honey Cinnamon IPA - Immune Supporting SuperGrain Bar

This flavor was Kim’s favorite because it wasn’t too sweet and wasn’t overpowering in flavor. It has a good texture, just the right amount of flavor, and kept her feet hiking when it was feeling like lunch time. The immune supporting aspect is a plus, too. I tried a bite and found the texture to be wonderful and the flavor to be very good and balanced.

Chocolate Coffee Stout - Energizing SuperGrain Bar

This was my favorite, which wasn’t surprising since I love coffee and chocolate. I’m not a fan of stout beer, so I wasn’t sure the flavor would be great, but it was delicious. I’d gladly pack this bar along on any hike or trip. The energy kick was helpful on a long hike and a day with a late lunch when I needed a snack that would stick with me. The flavor is right on - very well balanced. Kim tried this one, too, and she found it to be sweeter than the other, but still very enjoyable.

Blueberry Sunflower Saison - Antioxidant SuperGrain Bar

Saisons are my favorite variety of beers lately, so I was super excited to see that name on the label. This flavor combo was good, but took number three on both of our lists. The seedy texture was different and we liked it, but the blueberry just wasn’t out favorite. After a couple of bites, the flavor really grew on me and I started liking it more. Still, I’d grab that coffee flavor first, but that applies to most anything with me. I love coffee. The blueberries and cranberries stood out in this - tart and fresh.

Some details about the bars overall - they are non-GMO and made with organic ingredients. The grains and flours are upcycled, and provide health benefits as well as environmental benefits.

Here is the step-by-step of how Regrained bars come to be (from the Regrained website):

1. ReGrained rescues the nutritious grain created every time that beer is brewed.
2. Brewing beer processes the sugar out of the grain. This gives us optimal access to protein, fiber, and a whole bunch of micronutrients.
3. We upcycle this grain into SuperGrain+ flour using our patent-pending tech.
4. We incorporate SuperGrain+ into every ReGrained product.
5. Doing good is as easy as eating a snack!
6. With our sustainable packaging, your wrapper can return to the earth. All taste, no waste!

We enjoyed trying all of the flavors and will be adding these to our packs in the future. To make it even better, Regrained is now available in some local stores - for us in SoCal, at Gelson’s and Sprouts. Check their store locator to see if you might find them nearby!

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