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Cairn Subscription Box: June 2019 Review

Cairn Subscription Box: June 2019 Review

The June box came in a box, and it was packed for preparation! The Scout paper said it was time to “Show Up”, and the items inside the box were all about keeping us prepared for whatever may come our way. Whether we go hiking or camping or biking, this box has something that will come in handy.


  • This was a fun item to see in our chubby box this month! We have a first aid kit currently that we’ve been hauling around for the five or more years, so it definitely needed a refresh, if not a replacement. Cairn is getting us nicely prepared for a summer of hiking and enjoying the outdoors!

  • This kit is pretty small, would easily fit in just about any hiking kit. It includes just about everything that you could need for an injury on the trail. Bandaids, sting wipes, gauze, scissors, tweezers, tape, medication, and more! This will certainly help us be ready for whatever comes our way this summer and beyond!

  • This is an interesting item. This spray is for wound care and skin damage. It is an antibacterial agent, with Hypochlorous (HOCL). HOCL is naturally produced by our white blood cells, and naturally kills bacteria and reduces inflammation. This is all new info to us, but interesting nonetheless.

  • Ideal for wounds, cuts, scrapes, burns, and bug bites… this spray will likely get some use this summer. According to the packaging, it doesn’t sting and it supports healing. Seems like a good item to have around on just about any camping or hiking trip!

  • We are BIG fans of Kate’s Real Food bars. You will always find at least a couple of these in our stash. Literally every flavor is good, they are very filling, but not super heavy. Great texture and amazing flavor combos.

  • This is a new flavor to us and still a hit! If you haven’t yet, try out these bars. The Tram Bar and the Stash Bar tend to be our favorite, but they are all delicious!


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