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Cairn Subscription Box: April 2019 Review

Cairn Subscription Box: April 2019 Review

The April box was Hungry For Adventure! It provided what we’d need to take a trip out into some fresh air and keep our stomachs full, while keeping our food safe from critters! A food cache bag with a few other good uses, some carabiners that we know and love, and a tasty breakfast… ready to go!

  • We haven’t used this yet, but can see it has good uses. It’s small and light, so it doesn’t require extra space in a bag to include this. Great to keep rodents out of food, which is a key in desert backpacking.

  • They also recommend using it to float some beverages in cold water, which is a unique use!

  • We like the idea of using it as a beach bag, so sand can easily fall off and out of the bag. Great for gathering garbage that other people leave behind, without having to stuff sandy trash in a pocket or pack.

  • Weighs only 3 ounces, but is made of tough stainless steel mesh and nylon with a velcro. An grommet is included to make it easy to hang, attach to a pack, etc. With some paracord and a lightweight S-biner, it’s easy to toss this into a tree for rodent proofing food.

  • These lightweight plastic, double-ended carbiners are a great item to have on any pack. We’ve used these in the past, and were quite excited to receive a couple more. Ours came in black and bright orange, and we quickly attached them to packs to have handy when needed.

  • The double gate feature allows for easy attachment to a pack, and still easy access to the second clip to attached keys or other items. We’ve used these to attach mugs while backpacking, to keep duffel bag handles together, and just to attach a key or something to a backpack.

  • Always useful!

  • Granola with strawberries… what more do you need to know? It’s delicious, how could it not be?

  • This is a good size serving, enough to share, if you feel friendly. Crunchy granola, dried strawberries, and dried milk - just add water and enjoy a tasty breakfast! Better yet, this granola is packed with protein - 23 grams!

  • This is a delicious and super easy breakfast for backpacking or camping. We enjoyed having an easy breakfast while on a multi-day camping trip, when we were more focused on getting out on a trail than on whipping up a gourmet breakfast!

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