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Cairn Box: September 2018 Review

Cairn Box: September 2018 Review

The September Cairn theme was “Embrace Exploration”. The items inside reflect a good preparation start for someone venturing out into the wild and unknown. From starting fires to keeping knives sharp, this box will keep an adventurer ready for a few different situations!

UST TekFire Pro

  • This is a lighter that is unlike any lighter we’ve ever seen. It is a small, bright orange thing that doesn’t need any fuel. According to the packaging, it is windproof, flameless and electronic. We gave this lighter a try, and it’s really fun. There is a lid that flips up, and a button on one side. A light push of the button and it sparks right up. Very cool! 

    The lighter is charged via USB, including with our BioLite solar panel or a battery pack.  

    It includes a short length of paracord, which I used to attach it to my backpack. It also happens to be “ParaTinder”, with can be used as tinder to start a fire.  

UST ParaTinder Laces

  • This item pairs with the first - more tinder cord for our new lighter. Or any lighter, really. These are just standard shoe laces to replace the regular ones in a pair of boots. They feature a single thread tinder for a fire started anywhere you may need it. This is a clever way to have a fire starter with you, just about anywhere the boots may go!

Outdoor Edge Sharp-X Sharpener

  • Who doesn’t need a good knife sharpener? We’ve already tested this out on some knives at home and it worked well. We tossed it in our camp cook box so we will never have a dull knife at camp, either. This is a small sharpener that doesn’t take up much space. It has a fold out base and rubber feet to add stability when sharpening. There are two slots, one for coarse sharpening, and another for the more fine edge sharpening that got our knives very sharp, very fast!

Kate’s Real Food Stash Bar

  • We did not hesitate to enjoy this snack bar. We are long time fans of Kate’s Real Food bars, and it looks like they have re-branded things a bit. Love the new designs, and very glad that the product hasn’t changed inside that new wrapper. Natural, low in sugar, high in protein, full of seeds and grains... these bars are already our go-to snack bars and we always have them on hand!

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