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Cairn Box: October 2018 Review

Cairn Box: October 2018 Review

October’s Cairn box came with a little bit of a spoiler, but we really appreciated it. Cairn contacted us before the boxes were going out and gave us an option for the main item in the box. And the main item was really a winner this month!

Sunski Recycled Sunglasses - Chalet, Grey Sky

  • Sunglasses are a part of every single outdoor activity that happens in our lives - I am a blue eyed and very light sensitive, so I wear them all the time. I also tend to be very picky about sunglasses and require them to be comfortable AND functional. Polarized is the first feature I require - the world just looks better with polarized lenses! Lightweight and comfortable frames are key, so they are good for a variety of activity. Dark lenses are needed for driving and desert exploring, but lighter lenses are much better for mountain biking, etc.

  • Cairn contacted us prior to the boxes going out and let us pick one of four pairs of sunglasses. I opted for a cool grey frame and bright blue lens pair, but the shape of the frames was a little different than what I normally wear. I was pleasantly surprised when the box showed up. These sunglasses are really cool looking, and they are super lightweight! The lenses are very mirrored, which is pretty cool looking.

  • The value here is what really stands out - our boxes come in at around $30, and this box included a pair of sunglasses that sell for $60!

  • The sunglasses are a blue tint lens, which is great for the outdoors. They are plenty dark for Kim, but when I’m driving in bright sun, I really like dark, black lenses. These are not perfect for that, but they are totally perfect for mountain biking. They are just dark enough for the sunny spots on the trail, but still light enough to not leave me in the dark in shady spots. They have become my go-to biking sunglasses. The lightweight frames are so comfortable, too - and they stay put really well, even on bumpy paths.

  • Best feature of all? They are made of recycled plastic, so they are doing good for the planet, while protecting my eyes!

Croakies Arc Endless - Sunglasses Retainer

  • We haven’t put these to use much, as we just haven’t found a good need for the yet. The style of this retainer is more for securing the glasses on your face, not just for catching them when you take them on and off. The retainer is a little difficult to use if you plan to take glasses on and off. The rubber tips secure the glasses really well, and this item could be really useful in a sporty situation when glasses may fall off. We just don’t end up in many situations like that, so we haven’t used this item much.

Picky Bar - Chai and Catch Me

  • Already being big fans of the Picky Bar brand, we were happy to see their product pop up in a box. The Chai and Catch me is a new flavor to us, but is just as delicious as all of their other bars. We used our Cairn coupon code to order a big stash of Picky Bars for upcoming adventures!

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