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Cairn Box: November 2018 Review

Cairn Box: November 2018 Review

Cairn knows all about our coffee and breakfast addiction when it comes to camping. The November theme of our box was “Mind Your Mornings” and they definitely gave us a couple of reasons to jump out of the tent. Tasty coffee, easy to pack along creamer, and an interesting oatmeal breakfast! Not to mention a cool compression sack to really stuff that backpack full and add a few extra items that we can squish! Here are the details on the November box!

Our “box” this month came in a great, easily recyclable bag, too!

  • This is a really cool pack. The material is very thin, but seems durable. It’s easy to recognize that Orprey design and quality right off the bat. We really like the new “ultralight” stuff that Osprey is making, and this is a great item to have for travel or camping.

  • The pack is styled like a duffel bag, with a zipper opening to stuff all sorts of goodies inside. Three compression straps on the outside really make the pack shrink down for packing in a backpack or just for tossing in the car.

  • At 20L, the bag seemed small at first. We managed to stuff quite a bit of stuff in it, and then compressed it down to almost half the size! It also happens to be water resistant and seam sealed. This thing is going to get a lot of use!

Alpine Start - Original Blend

  • We don’t go anywhere without coffee - roadtrips, camping, backpacking. We are always interested in a lightweight, easy, low-effort way of making a cup of coffee. While not big fans of instant coffee, and huge fans of our Aeropress, we can be a little picky.

  • That said, this is an option for having easy to make coffee on the go. We didn’t love it cold, but it was better made with hot water. We tried it with the measurements suggested, and really didn’t like it - but we like dark, rich coffee. Made with less water, it tasted better. This would be an option to get some caffeine on a backpacking trip!

Laird Superfood Creamer

  • This is an intriguing item. We always have coffee when we’re camping, and having milk or creamer available can become difficult on long trips or when backpacking (without a cooler). We tend to make due with powdered milk, but it’s just not very good. This is an amazing option to take along for backpacking and camping trips.

  • It’s packed with all kinds of good nutrients, so it’s more than just a creamer. It’s a superfood additive to enjoy with a hot cup of coffee.

  • The slight nutty flavor is a little different than regularmilk, but it’s certainly palatable and provides a smooth, slightly earthy, slightly sweet flavor to a cup of coffee.

PickyBars Performance Oatmeal

  • Not going to lie - I hate beets. This is going to be a tough sell. I pulled the package out and immediatly said “eww, yuck”. But… the actual description said it contains beetroot (maybe that tastes different?!) and even “beet-haters will love” this oatmeal. We're saving this for a mountain biking day or a backpacking adventure, so when we get to (hopefully) enjoy this - I’ll update this post! :)

  • We do love Picky Bars, in bar form, so I have high hopes that this will be edible, maybe even yummy. It is very lightweight and just needs water to become breakfast, so perfect for backpacking! And it packs 10 grams of protein, so it’ll be sure to get us moving on that hike out or a long bike ride!

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