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Cairn Box Subscription: Totally Worth It!

Cairn Box Subscription: Totally Worth It!

If you have followed us for very long, you know that we subscribe to the monthly outdoors box from Get Cairn. If you haven't checked them out, you should

We were just recently packing for a long weekend trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park and Crater Lake. While packing our bags, we realized that a lot of the gear, whether big or small, came from Cairn. Stuff that we always take with us, we have received in our boxes over the past couple of years. We received our first box in April of 2015. That box had a Hydroflask True Pint in it and we were hooked. Since then, we have purchased almost every variation of cup that Hydroflask makes. That box also contained a Kate's Real Food Bar. This is our favorite bar, and REI recently started carrying them, so they are now even easier to get. We probably wouldn't have discovered these brands, and several others, had we not received such great stuff in our boxes.

As we continued to pack our bags, I really began noticing how much of the gear we love has come from Cairn. So here's what we pack, on most every trip, and every piece was received in a Cairn box!

Cotopaxi Luzon Daypack

This is my everyday pack. I ride a 200cc scooter to work every day and use this pack. I love to take it hiking because it is light, packable, and comfortable with just some water and snacks.

If you aren't familiar with Cotopaxi, take a minute to check them out. Another great company, making great gear, and doing great things outside of gear making.

Luminaid PackLite 16

These lanterns go everywhere with us. They are solar powered, let out a great amount of light, and have multiple settings that work well in the tent, or car, or when making dinner.

Nectar Sunglasses

These lanterns go everywhere with us. They are solar powered, let out a great amount of light, and have multiple settings that work well in the tent, or car, or when making dinner.

Drinktanks Pint Glass

Drinktanks started out making growlers and have just recently started to make pint glasses. We got these in our Cairn box before they could even be purchased from the company. These cups are excellent, and we use them everyday! Bonus, they come with a lid!

Serac Hammock

It doesn't get much better than hanging out in a hammock in the forest. We got this hammock earlier this summer and took it with us to Rocky Mountain NP. It was awesome - easy to set up, sturdy, comfortable, and definitely worth the space in our suitcase.

Kate's Pocket Meal Bars

These are one of our favorite bars. We haven't had one that we don't like. The Stash Bar is great for a mid hike snack - it's a dense treat. The Tram Bar has been our dinner a few times while backpacking. They have good consistency, great flavor, and are quite filling.

Mazama Hydration Pack

All those things to hate about a hydration pack - hard to fill, hard to clean, dangling tube that gets dirty or stuck in your arm pit - this pack solves all those problems. When you need to get a new bladder, check out Mazama.

Pack Towel

This is the perfect tiny towel. This towel is a perfect companion for cold lake dips, like at Crater Lake! I've used this towel to dry off at the beach, and it handled sandy ocean water pretty well. It works well in cold or warm water! 

GoBites Duo

This is a fork and spoon combo that snap together, so you can keep track of both. The fork has edges that can be used to cut up food. The coolest feature is that they snap together to create a long utensil, perfect for stirring a re-hydrated bag of food. This my favorite and go-to utensil set, bye bye sporks.

Zealios Sun Barrier Sunscreen

Andrea has very fair skin, and burns very easily. We took this sunscreen on our trip to Seattle and it is now a favorite. All day, every day, we were out in the sun, and she actually used this sunscreen, and it worked! It's not sticky, smelly, greasy... it goes on, and it works, without a mess! (We quickly used our coupon to buy a supply of this stuff!)

Natrapel Insect Repellent Wipes

I hate bug spray - it smells bad, it is sticky, and it doesn't always work well. These wipes are a great alternative. Super easy to keep in your pack, in case you end up in a forest full of bugs. We used these in the forest campgrounds at Crater Lake, and they were very effective at getting the annoying bugs to leave us alone.

We got this lip balm in one of our earlier boxes and have used it regularly ever since. The camp soap was a more recent item, and it'll probably be used up quickly. I have super short hair that doesn't handle even one night of camping very well. This soap is perfect, because it is biodegradable and works can be used for just about anything - body, hair, dishes, etc.

GobiGear SegSac Stuff Sack

I love this sack. It is the perfect organizational stuff sack. The inside is divided into four sections, so you can keep things organized in the sack. I've used this to pack my entire wardrobe on our last couple of trips. It keeps things organized, but also compressed for space saving.

Picky Bars

These are our other favorite bars. This flavor is great for a mid-hike snack. The Blueberry Boomdizzle is excellent for breakfast. Andrea loves the Smooth Caffeinator flavor - coffee in a bar!

Rumpl Beer Blanket (+ Rumpl!)

You probably know Rumpl and their awesome blankets. We did, and then we got these tiny beer blankets in a box and a coupon to get a blanket, as well. I put that discount to use right away, and love the huge blanket I got! 

The great thing about Cairn boxes is that we get the best of brands that we know, like Rumpl, Hydroflask, and Cotopaxi. They also expose us to new brands, like instead of an ENO hammock, we got a Serac hammock. We get to try snack bars that we can't even buy at the store and discover unique products designed by some great companies and people like us!

Another benefit is that each box comes with coupons for buying more gear from the companies included - like the sunscreen and Rumpl, we loved the gear we got, so we were able to go buy more at a discount. 

Be inspired, get new gear from awesome companies,
and try out gear you might not ever buy! 

Sign up for a box today!

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