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Cairn Box: October 2017 Review

Cairn Box: October 2017 Review

The "theme" this month was "Don't Let The Sunset Spook You". A cute tie-in with Halloween, and a cool way to present us with a new headlamp for those dark evenings at camp! Cairn mentioned that although the sun may be setting earlier, it shouldn't be an excuse to stay inside, and we think that's a great idea. So here's a look at what was inside our October box (it all joined us on a quick camping trip in Mojave National Preserve)! 

UCO Air Rechargeable Headlamp

  • This headlamp was the highlight of the box. We've wanted to try out UCO brand products, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. This was the perfect opportunity to try out their goods, and see what we think!
  • This headlamp is super lightweight, very bright, and has dimming and red light options. The front of the lamp is wooden, which makes this thing super unique and great looking! The super soft headband is very comfortable, and fastens with a swatch of velcro.
  • The red light is great for needing to see in the dark, but not wanting to blind yourself and lose the ability to see around. Also great for night photography!
  • The dial is an infinity dial. Twist one direction to turn it on and keep twisting to adjust the brightness. If you twist the opposite direction, you get the red light.
  • We love that this lamp is rechargeable, which also helps it stay lightweight without batteries. We used our Biolite solar panel to charge it, and after about an hour in the sun, it lasted all evening. It doesn't have a super long battery life, but with the easy charging, it didn't bother us. Any micro USB cord will work, from the solar panel cord to a battery brick cord! This is great convenience and so cool to not have to keep batteries in our camping stash.

Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Bottle

  • This bottle is a fun additional to our travel stash. It's a smaller sized bottle (750ml), but is a good size for a shorter hike or a trip on a plane. It seems perfect for air travel. A bottle that collapses small when not needed, but pops up and keeps you from buying a bottle at the airport... smart.
  • Since it's easy to clip onto a backpack, I'm sure this collapsible, lightweight bottle will be along for many trips in the future. 

Skout Organic Argentian Peanut Butter Energy Bar

  • We are familiar with Skout since we received some pumpkin seeds from Cairn a long while ago. We loved them and bought several boxes of the seed packets. 
  • This bar is a newer item from Skout, and we've been interested in trying them out. Good flavor, good texture... somewhat typical of a date based bar, but still quite tasty. Skout makes good snacks for the trail!

Portland Bee Balm – Oregon Mint Scent

  • We get a fresh tube of lip balm from Cairn every few months, and we love trying out all of the different kinds they send. Camping and hiking typically leads to sun or wind issues on the lips, so having a few tubes of lip balm around is always a nice thing.
  • This specific lip balm is pretty unique - from the packaging to the story behind it - it stands out from most others. Take a minute to browse the website we linked to above and learn more about this brand. This is a great company to support and their product is high quality and environmentally conscious one to use.
  • The lip balm has a minty tingle to it, reminiscent of Burt's Bees, but slightly less tingly. It's smooth and enjoyable! 

Our biggest excitement this month was the UCO headlamp, because we've wanted to try out some gear from that company. Even better, the awesome coupon code so we can get more of their gear!

Take a look at their site and treat yo'self!

We have received some amazing stuff in our Cairn boxes - just search our blog and you'll find lots of reviews and info about the cool stuff they send out!

We don’t receive our boxes from them for free, we are regular subscribers, and we love the stuff we get in a surprise box of goodies every month!

Are you a subscriber? Tell us what you think!

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