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Cairn Box: November 2017 Review

Cairn Box: November 2017 Review

Cairn went with "Everyday Carry" for the November collection, and we were pretty impressed with the main item this month. We have a (not) fun story of a huge mishap with our Cairn box this month, so we're late with the review and we don't have many photos to share. But we'll try, with what we have to share! 

Gerber Paraframe Titanium Knife

  • This knife is very well designed, and was literally ripped open and put to use as soon as the Cairn box arrived. I've needed a good knife for awhile now, and this one fits the bill. 
  • The frame allows it to be kept clean, the knife is super sharp and serrated, and it is super small for carrying along in a pack. It's titanium, so very lightweight and easy to pack along!
  • Like I said, we put this thing to use right away, and it's gone just about everywhere - hey, everyday carry - since we got it! 

Flowfold Craftsman Wallet

  • And this is where the story takes a turn... we have no idea what happened to our little wallet. We got it, we liked it, and we lost it. We never even put the thing to use, and we fear it might have gone into the recycling bin in the Cairn box. So, no photos of this item.
  • Update, February 2018: We did not accidentally recycle this cool wallet... we just lost it in the car, and only recently re-discovered it! It's perfect for keeping some Moo cards and stickers in our car, and doesn't get beat up being tossed around in tubs and car consoles!

Clif Bar Nut Butter Filled

  • An obvious winner... Clif Bar's are a staple and are easily available for trail snacking. The new approach from Clif Bar is this nut butter filled option, and they are super tasty! These feel like a dessert to us, but taste so very good!

So, a sad turn for one item, but the Gerber knife is something we've wanted, but not sprang for, for quite a long time. That alone left us very happy with this box!

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