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Cairn Box: March 2017 Review

Cairn Box: March 2017 Review

The March 2017 Cairn box came in an odd box! Typically, the boxes are roughly the same shape and size, so when an oddball shows up, its always a bit more exciting. The focus this month was clearly "Hydration" - all items pointed towards that topic. Cairn must know summer is coming, all too quickly! Here's a rundown of what was included for this month, in that long and skinny box:

Mazama Axe 2L Water Reservoir

  • We are super excited about this item. We have the typical water reservoirs that we use for hiking - from Camelback and Osprey. They are great, but we are excited to try a new one out. A few features stood out right away:
    • The top opens completely - easy to fill, but more importantly, easy to clean. I can be a bit grossed out by how hard it is to clean and dry our current reservoirs. This seems to be much easier for access.
    • They include the magnetic strap attachment for the hose - this is just a genius thing to have and once you have it, it's totally annoying to not have. We're happy to add this to a bag!
    • The handle is the length of the reservoir, but doesn't take up so much space like others. That makes this pretty slim an easy to slip into a pack.
    • 2 liter capacity, high flow valve, cool colors, cool company - this one is an exciting addition to our packs! There is a lock on the drinking end to keep accidental spills and leaks under control.
  • We took this on a hike soon after getting it, and it's wonderful. It was easy to fill, fit well in a smaller pack, and was easy to clean and actually dry when we got home. Love the magnetic straw attachment!
  • If you are in the market for a hydration reservoir - we would highly recommend this one. This thing has all the features, a great price tag, and we love it.

Noka Superfood Blend Smoothie - Mango/Coconut flavor

  • This snack looks like it could be very tasty. We checked out the company, and they are a cool little start-up (started with a Kickstarter) making some healthy snacks ideal for the trail. Interesting flavors, but they look like they could be quite tasty.
  • For the health food conscious, this product is Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free. It comes in a handy little twist-open pouch and can easily be tossed in a backpack.

SaltStick Fastchews - Lemon Lime flavor

  • This is a new twist on something that we tend to hike with in the summer. We typically have Nuun tablets, that we add to a water bottle and drink. This is a great option, because you just chew the tablet like candy. No water required, and it doesn't make your water bottle have a flavor! We'll be looking forward to using these in the next couple of months on some hot desert hikes!

Purinize Water Purifying Drops

  • This is one of those items that doesn't spark a lot of excitement for us, but we put our survivor glasses on, and realize it could come in very handy. It'll join our "supply" box that goes in the car, and on all of our adventures. You hope the day doesn't come when you have to drink a puddle, but this will make it a lot more drinkable if that day does come! It doesn't expire (when stored correctly), it makes dirty water safe to drink, it can even improve clarity and flavor!

As always, the box contained a card with info on each item and discount options for future purchases, as well as a Cairn sticker. We don’t receive anything from them for free, we are regular subscribers, and we love the stuff we get in a surprise box of goodies every month!

If you think you’d be interested in
joining this awesome subscription box, 
take a look at their site.

In the past, we've received some amazing stuff, such as a Cotopaxi backpack, lots of trail food to try out, and some very useful gear - water filter, utensils, bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottles, and more!

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