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Cairn Subscription Box: February 2019 Review

Cairn Subscription Box: February 2019 Review

Our “box” this month followed the style of the January and December shipments, and came in an easily recyclable bag. While we find ourselves missing the little boxes sometimes - they are great to ship little things to friends and family - we certainly don’t mind this bag and the ease of recycling that comes with it.

This is one of the better boxes we’ve gotten in awhile… but I’m a total geek for gadgets. This month’s theme was “Lighten Up”, and it was a fun one!

  • This little flashlight is so great. I love gadgets like this anyway, so it was an easy win for me, but it really is a great light. It is very small and lightweight, but packs a punch with very bright light (or lower, or strobe). My favorite part - it charges with a USB cord, so we don’t have to tote batteries around. I hate throwing away dead batteries, so this flashlight is taking over the older one we take camping.

  • The telescoping end slides easily for one hand use, and can flood a scene with light, or send a narrow beam far into the distance. It surprised me how bright this little light is! But also, easy to handle and easy to recharge.

  • Here is a quick rundown of specs and features:

    • USB charging from the port tucked under the end cap. It can also take batteries in a bind.

    • It has a two-way clip so you can attach it to a backpack or a hat to use while wearing.

    • It has a very cool telescoping end to adjust the beam, from a broad flood light to a very strong narrow beam.

    • Low 75 lumens to high 340 lumens, holds charge for 4:15 on low and 1:30 on high.

    • Impact resistant, weather resistant, nearly unbreakable LED, but also backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty.

  • This is a cool product, that we’re excited to try out. Made from a sugarcane by-product, these are eco-friendly, and easy to carry. Each starter burns for about 7 minutes to allow the fire to build. The tip of each is a starter, so no need to pack a lighter or matches! The box includes a striker on the side, but there are also some spares included. We use a pretty eco-friendly fire starter already, but these will be great to try out!

  • Organic, gluten-free, vegan, and packed with dried mango. Only 4-5 ingredients per bar, no added sugars or syrups, and handmade in small batches.

  • This is a new-to-us trail treat and it is pretty unique. This flavor was very fruity and definitely had a tart kick that other bars don’t tend to have. The chia seeds add a nice texture throughout. This is a tasty trail treat!

We subscribe to the Monthly Collection, so we get a box every month with some great items. We have not subscribed to the Obsidian box, which is quarterly and comes with some amazing, much more pricey items. We’re always watching though, and the Obsidian will likely get out attention in the future. Here’s a little info, in case you’re interested in a bigger surprise box!

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