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Cairn Box: December 2018 Review

Cairn Box: December 2018 Review

Our “box” this month came in an easily recyclable bag with a headline proclaiming “Long Live Winter”! We love the theme, and we love the direction that Cairn is heading with more recyclable packaging and also items that are environmentally conscious. Here’s what we got this month:

Coal X Pow Beanie

  • This beanie is so soft and is really big, but it’s great for keeping ears warm! It’s can be worn as a slouchy beanie, or pulled down to cover ears,d and either way, it is a warm hat!

  • The beanie features a “POW” patch, which is promoting the Protect Our Winters program. This organization is actively mobilizing people to promote environmental and climate change initiatives and protections. If you don’t know who they are, check them out here. We all need winter!

  • The beanie is made of Polyana material. Coal partnered with Pow to create this material and the items made of it. The material consumes 76% less energy, 85% less water, and 76% less waste than a typical acrylic beanie. This material is a fantastic alternative to acrylic, and in our opinion, is much softer.

  • From Coal: “Polylana is made from virgin and recycled polyester and has similar characteristics to acrylic or wool fiber. Using this material saves 5 liters of water per beanie, when compared with acrylic. The production of this fiber also releases 19% less CO2 than traditional polyester materials. The material is ACH Compliant, and Formaldehyde free.”

Noso Puffy Patches

  • Another item that is keeping our environment in mind! We love this theme. These are patches that can be applied to gear, to cover and repair damage. A tear on a puffy jacket can be easily patched with Noso, and the coat can keep being worn for much longer. This is a better alternative than getting rid of that coat and going for a brand new one. It saves money and it reduces waste!

  • Noso patches come in a variety of colors and designs. We got two in our box - an X and a star. We already have these in our backpacking stash, and we’ll be happy to apply them when some damage occurs!

  • The feature that really stood out to me is that these can be applied in the field - they are self-adhesive and just require being applied. They are washable and good to go from there!

Clif Energy Granola

  • We can never have too much granola, so we were really excited to see this big bag from Clif! I sprinkled a bit of this on top of some overnight oats, and the flavor and crunch was wonderful. The Blueberry Crisp includes some dried fruit, which adds a perfect sweetness to the crispy granola. It also contains organic oats, almonds, cashews, and pumpkin seeds. Pea protein adds a protein boost and it’s sweetened with cane sugar and brown rice syrup. Yummy!

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