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Cairn Box: December 2017 Review

Cairn Box: December 2017 Review

Cairn pulled off a definite winner for the December box. "Gather 'Round The Glow" is the theme, and wow was our response. We've been Cairn subscribers for a long time, like a couple of years or so now. We were subscribers way back in the beginning, when Cairn shipped a Luminaid lantern that was like a blow-up pillow light. We have literally taken those lights on every single camping and hiking trip. They come so in handy, we've never had one die, and they are just perfect for camping, backpacking or as a small light in a cabin.

Just last month, one of our lanterns sprung a leak and we both independently started shopping for a new lantern from Luminaid to replace the old one, both independently considering getting one for a Christmas gift for each other. Then our Cairn box arrived!

Luminaid Packlite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger

  • Cairn and Luminaid hit it out of the park on this item. The Packlite folds small and flat, and inflates to a cube shape. The light it gives is very bright, with five settings of brightness to choose from. The strap is adjustable so it can be hung from the roof of a tent, a tree, or anywhere it'll fit.
  • Luminaid clearly improved their products over the last couple of years - this lantern is made so well. The materials seem greatly improved from the lanterns we already love! The solar panel on the top is a good size, and at first test, charged the lantern quite quickly.
  • This Packlite can also charge a phone or electronic device with the USB port. I tested it out with my iPhone X, and it charged up about 40% in about than 20 minutes, and still had power to light the room. The lantern can also be charged via the USB, also, if you get stuck in some cloudy weather. 
  • This lantern is customized for Cairn, which makes us love it even more!
  • If you are not familiar with Luminaid, please look them up. They are doing great things, providing light to many dark places, including hurricane devastated Puerto Rico. We're always fans of smart gear, but when the company does such good work, we're even more happy to support them!

NiteIze TagLit

  • This is a clip-on LED light that is ideal for evening hikes, walks, and runs. Great for these early sunsets when you're still on the trail or trying to get home on the bike. It will clip to just about anything, like a shirt, bag, or hat.
  • The light is bright and has a flash setting, which is even better for evening bike rides. This will probably be in our bike kit, more than in our camp kit, but it could certainly be useful in a variety of situations!

Treehouse Drinking Chocolate

  • I've wanted to try this product, and it's varieties, for months. Cairn put this in a box several months ago, but we got a different version of the boxes for that month, and didn't receive this product. I was genuinely sad. But now I got one to try!
  • In full honesty, we haven't put this to the test yet, because we aren't sure we're going to be good at sharing and we want to use it at the perfect time. Until then, I love this kind of stuff, and I bet this is going to taste amazing, and then I'll have to spring for a full set of all the flavors that it comes in!

Cairn, you did a fantastic job with this box, and we are putting it under the tree, so thanks for the Christmas present! 

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