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Cairn Box: August 2018 Review

Cairn Box: August 2018 Review

The August Cairn theme was very well timed... Linger Longer. We want that lazy summer feeling to just stick around forever... and especially the summer vacation vibes. We're well equipped now to just hang on to those summer feeling a little longer...

  • We are fans of Matador with one of their products (The Camera Puffy) being in steady rotation when we hike and travel. We are familiar with their quality and snazzy design, so we were excited to see this product in our box!

  • We took this "blanket" to Grand Teton and Yellowstone for a "just in case". It packs super small and lightweight, so it was easy to toss in our suitcase. The blanket is more of a ground cover, than something you'd want to snuggle with, but it was designed that way with a purpose. It is water resistant, so you stay dry, even on wet grass.

  • Some clever add on's are the little corner pockets for sand, to weigh it down at the beach and the integrated stakes to help hold it down, too. The stakes double as weights, which help keep this very lightweight blanket on the ground.

  • It folds back to a tiny size with easy to follow lines stitched in, so you know where to fold it. Then it just stuffs into the sack, and it's ready to go for next time!

  • We used this as a blanket to sit on the beach, and it was great - the sand falls right off, and it kept us dry, even on damp sand. It also came in handy after swimming in a very cold lake, as a wrap to keep the wind off cold skin.

  • All in all, it certainly serves a purpose, and could come in handy for many things! It's well designed, as we'd expect from Matador.

  • It weighs 3.8 oz (108 g) and the size is 63" X 44" (160 X 110 cm).

Vapur 300mL Incognito Flask

  • This is a very lightweight, very flat, "incognito" flask. You can fill it with a liquid of your choice, and it won't take up much space or weight. We haven't used this yet, but we're thinking of giving it a trial run on a big hike coming up soon.

  • It seems to be a good quality item and definitely makes packing along some liquid a more lighter task than using the insulated metal flask we currently have!

  • This is a cool thing to receive, instead of a typical granola bar type treat. The idea is clever - pack along some tequila in the Vapur Flask, and you can make an easy margarita out at a campsite! This product is a powder in a small packet, and just mixes with cold water and some booze to create a tasty drink!

  • We got the Coconut Lime Margarita, but I am not a fan of coconut at all, so I was not optimistic.

  • They have a Cherry Infused Old Fashioned flavor that I'm pretty sure we need to try!

  • The mixes are all crafted by Bartenders for Adventurers and made with real ingredients and no added preservatives. They are gluten free and vegan.

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