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Cairn Box: August 2017 Review

Cairn Box: August 2017 Review

The August Cairn box was focused on Camp Cooking. Something we are trying to figure out how to be better at... cooking around a fire and mastering that big, delicious, warm camping breakfast. We're still learning... and Cairn came through with some great stuff in the box to help us out!


Outdoor Element Firebiner

  • The caribiner of many uses! This thing is a fire starter, a bottle opener, can hold up to 100 pounds, has a hidden blade for cutting a variety of things, a screwdriver, and slots for attaching things to the caribiner. This is a serious multi-purpose item!
  • We used this right away to cut the plastic wrap off of our fire bundle. The blade worked well and came through in a pinch, we had nothing else to cut it with! 
  • The fire starter is one of the best we've seen. It throws a good spark, with not a ton of work or trickiness. We have a couple of other fire starting tools, and they can have a learning curve and just be hard to actually use. Not this one!
  • They include extra ferro rods, so you have fire starting abilities for quite some time.
  • Check out their Kickstarter for more ideas - including just attaching it to a camp stove, so you always have a lighter - that's a good tip!

Honey Stinger Gluten-free Wildflower Honey Waffle

  • We're fans of these waffles, so the hard part of this treat is deciding which one of us gets to eat it. 
  • These are always yummy - sweet, soft, chewy, and delicious! Enjoy it with your morning coffee, warmed over the steam from the cup, and whoa yummy!
  • We haven't tried this, but the Cairn Crew raves about S'maffles. Self explanatory, and sounds epic! We'll be ordering some more of these so we can try this!

Opsak by Loksak 2 Pack

  • We have a couple of LokSaks that we love for kayaking or beach days. They have never failed us at keeping important items dry, even in a soaked bag. This is a twist on those classic bags - Odor Proof!
  • The bags came with a recipe card for marinating chicken, and then cooking with the Fire Grill below... I'd be worried about putting something like raw meat in my cooler or a pack, but my past experience with Loksak should give me faith that it'd be okay. I've never had one of these bags spring a leak.
  • The Odor Proof feature makes these great for packing smelly food in a cooler, without stinking up everything else. This feature might also keep some nosy creatures from digging around in your food!
  • They also indicate that they can handle boiling water, so you could likely cook a dehydrated meal in these. Pretty cool! 
  • This was a 2 pack - a big and little bag. Great sizes.

Light My Fire Grandpa’s Fire Grill

  • We were super excited about this item. It seems sure to add some fun to our campfire cooking. It snaps shut to hold whatever you're grilling securely inside. Find a stick laying around your campsite, and use it for a handle.
  • We took this item straight to the beach for a post work campfire. We lightly buttered some bread, tossed it in a cooler with some cheese, and s'more fixin's. We built our grilled cheese sandwich in the grill, and after 10 minutes or so or turning it and letting it sizzle... we had a delicious dinner.
  • The s'mores were even better! We built the s'more in the grill, then locked it shut... this resulted in crispy graham crackers, gooey marshmallow, and (the best part) melted chocolate. 
  • The arms that grip the stick also allow the grill to be locked in open position and used as a gridiron... just in case you camp in the desert and sticks aren't easily found! 
  • The grill is very lightweight and small, so it'll definitely join our car camping gear box. The size is good enough for a burger or piece of chicken, or a piece of bread for a toasted sandwich. It's secure enough, some veggies would probably work out well, too!

On initial opening of the box, I was most excited about the Firebiner. After an evening at a fire pit, I'm so excited about the Grandpa's Firegrill. I'm already thinking of all the things I can smoosh inside and cook over a fire! This was a really great box, especially after we put it all to use!

Take a look at their site and get yourself a subscription!

We have received some amazing stuff in our Cairn boxes - just search our blog and you'll find lots of reviews and info about the cool stuff they send out!

The Cairn Scout newspaper included some ideas for what to cook with our new goodies, including making s'mores with the honey waffle - which seriously sounds amazing. It also includes coupon codes to get more cool gear from these companies.

We don’t receive these boxes from them for free, we are regular subscribers, and we love the stuff we get in a surprise box of goodies every month!

So, have you subscribed? Tell us what you think!

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