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Pick A Pack: Boulder Pack Co. - A Foldable Backpack

Pick A Pack: Boulder Pack Co. - A Foldable Backpack

We love backpacks and are always thrilled to try out a new one. We are especially happy to try out a bag from a new company, a small company, and one focused on making good gear for the outdoor and travel minded people (like us!). Boulder Pack Co. is a company based in Boulder, CO and they are manufacturing some very affordable packs.

The pack we received for review is the foldable day pack, and we were intrigued before we even received it in the mail. We do a good deal of air travel, so it’s always nice to have a small pack stashed in the bigger luggage that allows for days out on the town or trail. We have a few options for this already, but none that fold into themselves and become a small pouch to pack. This is a cool feature to have in a little pack when it’s packed away.

Once the pack arrived, nicely folded into it’s little pouch, I quickly popped mine open and started checking for pockets and quality and all the typical features. Boulder Pack was nice enough to send me and Kim each a pack, so we could each have our own. I went with the basic black color, and Kim chose the bright orange option. The colors are great - the bright orange will be great for bike riding, and the black great for blending in when in more urban environments.

The first thing I like was the pockets in this pack. The main compartment is bigger than it looks at first glance, and seems to be able to hold a lot. Inside, there is a sleeve to keep a tablet or water pouch separate. On the outside, there are two bottle holder on each side. One small pocket on the top is perfect for keys, but is much bigger than the zipper implies, and managed to hold paperwork, keys, and snacks on a trip to the farmers market. The bigger pocket on the front, which is also where the pack folds into itself, has a mesh zip pocket inside. This is a perfect spot for a phone and wallet, and allows them to be separate and not getting scratches on the screen of the phone! Also a good spot to stash cables and keep them under control.

So far, the pack has gone out to a farmers market, and carried a lot of fruit and yummy goodies with space to spare. It’s a great pack for an evening at the beach - a towel, shirt, beverage, and camera fits in nicely. The real test came on a trip to Oregon for a few days.

We flew to Portland, and spent a couple of days on the coast, and another couple in the city. The pack keeps things well organized, and is a good size for trekking around a little town for the day, hanging out on the beach, or for exploring the big city. The most important feature to me is that I was able to insert a padded camera case to keep my camera safe in this pack. And still, lots of room was left. I almost always have a camera in my bag, wherever I go, so keeping the camera safe is important, and this pack allows for that, while keeping a small size.

As for comfort, I found the pack to be very comfortable. The arm straps are lightly padded and it has a sternum strap. There are also two compression straps on the bag. These features work together to keep the pack comfortable on my back.

This lightweight pack is a perfect bag to pack into a suitcase, or to take out for a day of just about anything. The folding feature is great, too. The surprising part was that the pack is very comfortable and I really like wearing it. The pack retails for a very low price of $21, so I wasn’t sure the quality or comfort would be good - they surprised me. Better still, the pack folds back into itself very easily (not always the case with packable packs)! Oh, it even includes a caribiner to attach more gear on the outside!

Some details:

  • 28-liter backpack

  • Folds flat into a small pouch

  • Folded, it measures 6” x 8” x 2”, with two pockets on the pouch

  • Unfolded, it measures 18” x 11” x 8.5”

  • 11.2 ounces

  • Available in a few colors

  • Polyester rip-stop fabric, with high quality stitching and some reflective taping added

  • Boulder Pack Co. guarantees the pack, and will replace it for free if you have any trouble

At the low price, this pack is an easy option to add to your gear stash, and will be very likely to come in handy in a variety of situations! You can also check out Boulder Pack Co on Instagram!

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