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A Sleeping Bag That Fits - The Nemo Celesta

A Sleeping Bag That Fits - The Nemo Celesta

The whole point of camping is to sleep outside right? For me, it has been mostly resting outside. I like to sleep and I love to camp, so I have just dealt with many bad nights of resting. A mystery needed to be solved... I have a great sleeping pad - the Nemo Cosmo Insulated. It's super comfortable and is definitely not the problem. Maybe my sleeping bag just isn't right..?

When we decided to upgrade our old rectangle sleeping bags, we bought the Marmot Trestles. This is a typical mummy shaped synthetic sleeping bag. These were not super expensive and had the added bonus of zipping together for extra warmth and late night cuddling. I just could not get comfortable in the mummy shape bag! I sleep on my side, with a leg bent up - sort of in the shape of an "h". Finally, a couple months ago, I was done with being so uncomfortable and tossing and turning all night while camping. I started researching options and shopping for an alternative to a mummy bag that would still be warm and packable for backpacking trips.

After a lot of online searching, I narrowed my search to two bags. The Nemo Celesta and Big Agnes Lulu. I love the idea of the Lulu, which is a semi-rectangular bag that has no insulation on the bottom to reduce weight. The downside is it needs a 20" wide pad to slip into the sleeve for insulation. My current pad is 25" wide, and I didn't want to have to buy a new pad. So that settled it...

The Nemo Celesta was my choice.

I have taken this bag out on a few trips now - to Joshua Tree, Rocky Mountain and Alabama Hills. (That place is incredible. If you are ever driving along Highway 395, make time to stop in Lone Pine and at least drive through. It is awesome. More info on our blog here.)

Sleeping those few nights in my new sleeping bag was simply amazing. I had no trouble getting comfortable or falling asleep. In my old bag, even when I did fall asleep, I would wake up constantly trying to curl up into my "h" shape. In this bag, I don't have to fight at all.

The design of this bag is what Nemo calls a "spoon" shape. It saves weight compared to a straight rectangular bag. This particular model is their womens synthetic regular. It also comes in long, which I would definitely recommend if you are over 5'6". I'm 5'5" and I fit almost perfectly. They also make these with down fill, but due to Andrea having feather allergies, our gear is always synthetic.


  • Blanket Fold - Instead of a draft collar, Nemo uses a "Blanket Fold" to help hold heat in around your neck and head. When I was researching this bag, this was one feature that a lot of people didn't like. I don't mind it. It has a drawstring pull for those really cold nights when you need to keep your body heat inside.
  • Pillow Pouch - One of the coolest features is a pouch in the hood that fits the Nemo Fillo Pillow. You could also just fill it with a jacket or other clothing. We've all woken up with our pillow missing from under our head. This small feature totally removes that annoying middle of the night looking for your pillow issue.
  • Stash Pouch - My Marmot sleeping bag had one of these as well, but I never used it on that bag. I doubt that I'll use it on this one. It does not hold an iPhone 7, but I'm not sure why you would want something that hard and heavy in there anyways. It might be a good spot to tuck something small and lightweight.
  • The Downside - One of the only features that I don't like about this bag is that it only has a zipper on one side. The women's bag only comes with a right side zip. The Marmot zipped on both sides which offered extra airflow on warmer nights. I typically sleep on my left side so I'd prefer to have the zipper on that side to vent and allow my arm to hang out. A slight drawback, but still a drawback for me. It does have dual top and bottom zippers on the right side, so you can vent the foot area on warmer nights.
  • Colors - Red is the only color this bag comes in. Not my favorite, but at least it's not purple like the previous version! 

Storage - This bag comes with a large cloth bag for storing in your gear closet, and a smaller stuff sack for backpacking. This smaller bag doesn't have compression straps, so I've been using the one from my old Marmot bag to compress the bag for packing. They also sell generic compression bags at REI for fairly low prices.

I definitely recommend this sleeping bag, especially if you are dedicated side sleeper like I am. It has many great features, has kept me warm in some low temps, and is a perfect option for those of us who don't sleep like mummies!

(This is an unsolicited review. We did not receive a product or compensation and we were not asked for feedback or promotion.)

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