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Cairn Box: January 2017 Review

Cairn Box: January 2017 Review

Our January 2017 Cairn Box arrived right in time for a month of camping adventure. We didn't plan to go out and play as much as we did, but with three adventure weekends - some of these goodies came in handy! Here we go with this month's review:

Craft - Thermal Gloves

  • These are thin, but warm gloves, with a good grip. Unfortunately, they were a little too big for Kim, and a bit too small for Andrea... but they seem to be very good gloves and we wish they fit! They have the fancy touchscreen compatibility, so you can still snap photos on your phone with warm fingers.

deFUNKit Hand Wash Pack

  • This is unique thing in the box this month. We headed to the website for this product to find out exactly what it if for. It's a hand wash kit to get some smelly clothes un-smelly. You hand wash a couple of stinky shirts in this, through a three step process - then the stink should be gone. You can continue washing and drying the clothes as normal, and it claims to keep them stink free for a season. We have a few shirts and socks that just don't seem to come clean anymore - we'll be attacking them with this stuff to see how it does.

AllGood - Goop Healing Balm

  • This stuff is just amazing. The smell alone is wonderful, but it is so great for chapped or dry hands. It's a small bucket of goop that says it can be applied to blisters, burns, bites, etc. Organic, essential oils, medicinal plants... all to help soothe your aches. Next time we have a boo-boo, we'll try this out. We love it for the dry knuckles, though!

JoJo's Chocolate Bark

  • Tasty. Like a candy bar, but healthy. We ate this while out on a hike, getting a little hungry for lunch, but still with a while to go before reaching the car. We split it between two of us, and it held us over until we got back to our lunches in the car. It's a dark chocolate bar, with nuts and cranberries. There is also a sneaky protein added, which is probably why it helped us wait for a late lunch! 

  • A bit of background - a breast cancer survivor created this product to help her fight off intense sugar cravings during her treatment. 

As always, the box contained a card with info on each item and discount options for future purchases, as well as a Cairn sticker. We don’t receive anything from them for free, we are regular subscribers, and we love the stuff we get in a surprise box of goodies every month!

If you think you’d be interested in
joining this awesome Cairn subscription box, 
take a look at their site.

In the past, we've received some amazing stuff, such as a Cotopaxi backpack, lots of trail food to try out, and some very useful gear - water filter, utensils, bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottles, and more!

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