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Cairn Box: February 2017 Review

Cairn Box: February 2017 Review

Our February 2017 Cairn Box arrived right in time for a month of camping adventure. We didn't plan to go out and play as much as we did, but with three adventure weekends right after this box arrived - some of these goodies came in handy! Our review is a little late getting posted, and March's box has already arrived, but we didn't want to skip this great box!

Here we go with this month's review (better late than never?!):

Point 6 Hiking Socks - Merino Wool

  • These socks came out of the box almost immediately and onto my feet. We're suckers for a good pair of wool socks, and these are good socks. They work well for hiking, as they stay cool and dry, but warm when needed. They also work well for everyday use, not just on the trail. They have good compression, good cushioning, and fit well. I've worn these several times - hiking in the cool winter desert, camping in freezing Yosemite snow, and in my air conditioned office at work. They are holding up well, and are quite comfy! This item gets a 5 star rating from us!

Body Glide - Foot Anti-Blister Stick

  • This will most likely come in very handy this summer. Warm hiking somehow always presents blisters and foot pain. We've heard of this stuff before, so we're excited to try it out. Interesting enough, it works with everyday shoes and socks, not just hiking. It came in handy already, when new shoes were worn while having to run through an airport. Ouch. This stuff helped.

Xtenex Accufit Laces - Shoestrings

  • This is a unique item. Cairn never ceases to show us some surprise item that we had no clue existed. These make a hiking boot into a slip-on. They alleviate compression and pressure on your foot. These may be better suited for a tennis shoe, rather than a hiking boot, as we can be pretty particular about how our boots are laced. I tried these out on my Oboz boots, and they seem to work well. Making a shoe into a slip on is a great perk, aside from the other perks of this innovative product!

Thrive GoMacro Blueberry Lavender Superfood Snack Bar

  • Grainy, nutty, seedy, and tasty. This organic, non-GMO, gluten free snack bar packs a lot of nuts and seeds into a little handheld snack. We're excited to try some of their other flavors. This bar has good texture and flavor, while maintaining a healthy snack factor.

As always, the box contained a card with info on each item and discount options for future purchases, as well as a Cairn sticker. We don’t receive anything from them for free, we are regular subscribers, and we love the stuff we get in a surprise box of goodies every month!

If you think you’d be interested in
joining this awesome Cairn subscription box, 
take a look at their site.

In the past, we've received some amazing stuff, such as a Cotopaxi backpack, lots of trail food to try out, and some very useful gear - water filter, utensils, bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottles, and more!

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