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10 Things We Don't Camp Without

10 Things We Don't Camp Without

Camping is a fun adventure that can go really well, or go really rough. We've learned from some mistakes, discovered things that make camping more comfortable, and some things that just make it more cozy. Obviously things like a tent and a mug are something we always take, but here we made a list of the more out-of-the-ordinary items that we make sure get packed along. 

1. A Kindle or a book


It can be quiet and peaceful around the campfire, but sometimes bugs chase you into the tent, or you need to hide away from an afternoon rain shower. Or maybe, it's kind of spooky and you need to take your mind off the monsters lurking outside... a good book can take care of any of those moments!

2. Coffee and the Aeropress

We're addicted to caffeine, no doubt. We can't function without a cup (or three) of coffee in the morning. The Aeropress is our lightweight and faithful coffee maker. We rarely go without it. It even works great for backcountry camping, provided you pack a stove and extra water. If you want to go lazy or if we're trying to travel light, a pre-brewed bottle of cold brew also works in a pinch.

3. An Extra Blanket or two (if car camping)


While we've wished for an extra blanket in the backcountry, it's not practical to hike out with one. When we are camping at a site, with the car nearby, we always have extra blankets. In the winter, that extra layer might mean you can actually sleep somewhat warm. In summer, it may be all you need. We grab our Rumpl or a falsa (or both) on every trip. It also helps to cover up the cargo in the back of the car when we're in more populated areas, and is great for to wrap around yourself while sitting out at the campfire.

4. Extra Socks

Feet get sweaty and stinky, or wet from rain and snow... and it's never fun to stuff wet feet into a sleeping bag. A dry change of socks is easy to take along, and can make going to sleep much more comfortable.

5. Small Towels


Handy for cooking, face cleaning, messes, sun protection and a variety of other things. We always have at least two of these along in our supplies. Sometimes the super convenient Pack Towel, sometimes just a regular hand towel... either one can come in quite handy.

6. Tenacious Tape

A roll of this tape is small and light, and worth carrying along. It can patch a hole in the tent, a pad, a bag, a pair of pants... whatever. This is a good-to-have-when-you-need-it item. 

7. Luminaids


One of the best things about Luminaids is that they are made by a good company. We have had our two Luminaid inflatable lanterns for over 2 years, and they are still going strong. They are solar charged, so we just sit them out during the day, and they're ready to go at night. They have a bright and dim setting, as well as flashing setting. Perfect for mood lighting in the tent, or finding stuff in the car, or for a late night walk to the bathroom. They fold down very small, and can be clipped on a backpack while hiking. Lightweight, small, and great quality.

8. Toilet Paper

Campsites can get crowded and the bathrooms can run out of TP. Or, you may need to go dig a hole and go in the wild. Either way, having your own roll of toilet paper can save you in an urgent moment. We keep our toilet paper in a big Ziploc, with a trowel in a smaller bag, and a couple of extra bags for packing out, when needed. Additionally, hand wipes can be a great thing to have along for these moments! 

9. Caribiners


Another item that just comes in handy when you need it... helpful in tying up a clothes line, tarp, trash bag, and attaching things to a backpack or inside the tent. We've used them to make emergency securing lines on our tent in windy conditions. We always have a few of these in our supply box, one on each backpack, and a couple in the car. They have a million uses, especially if you need to be creative.

10. Comfort from home

It's a bit childish maybe... but oh well. Sometimes, you just need something from home to really cozy up the camping experience. For me, it's a stuffed panda. He (Charlie) goes on every trip.

That's our list of goodies to take along, and these items truly make camping a more enjoyable expereince - whether it adds comfort or protection or fun to the adventure.

Do you have any unique items that you tote along for camping trips? Let us know, and maybe our adventures will get even better with your suggestions! 

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