We wander... with cameras.


In early 2014, we packed up our little apartment in St. Louis, said goodbye to the midwest, and headed for sunny Southern California. Our expectation was that we would become beach bums - spending our days in the sand and photographing the ocean. To our surprise, we discovered a whole world of adventure that California to offer.

In St. Louis, we were always toting cameras around with us and photographing the city and life around us. In California, we became aware of so much more opportunity to document the beauty all around us. When we moved, we drove across the country. We drove past the sign for Joshua Tree National Park, and it sparked an interest - what is that place? We should go!

Eventually, we found jobs and a new home, and got settled, and headed out to Joshua Tree. We dipped our toes into adventuring by taking day trips to the desert, mostly staying along the road, and scrambling a few rocks here and there. Coyotes and snakes were of a high level of concern, as we had no clue what to expect from the terrain or the wildlife that calls it home.

Quickly, we discovered that with some extra water and snacks, and a good backpack, we could venture away from the road and wander further into this interesting environment. The animals didn't attack, the desert didn't disorient us to be lost, and it was so fun and beautiful! From there, we discovered the beauty of Mojave, Death Valley, mountains, and forests, and so many gorgeous places.

After researching more about gear and safety and how to be outside (yes, we were new at this!), and a few trips to R.E.I., we were hooked. We can't get enough. Getting outside, exploring new places, and stretching ourselves to do things that previously (and sometimes still) terrify us is so much fun. There is nothing quite like being out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, and sleeping under the stars.

As far as photography goes, this is something that we've both done for many years. We shoot film and digital, with a great variety of film and cameras. From old Kodak box cameras to the new Nikon digital, and plastic toy cameras and Polaroids in between... we love it all.

The purpose of our site is to share our photographs and stories, as well as gear we love or dislike... but mostly, the purpose is to share this passion for wandering always... contact us if you like to chat! We sell prints of our work, so please contact us if you'd like to order prints!

We are Kim and Andrea, thanks for taking a look around our site!

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